Fetch Seminars


  • Fearfree
  • Ethical
  • Training
  • Creates
  • Harmony

Diamond in the Ruff offers a monthly seminar series of fear free education for dog owners and dog trainers. These two hour seminars will include valuable skills such as recall, emergency recall, loose leash walking, Cooperative care and so much more.

Colleen is a certified trainer and the only IAABC certified Behavior consultant in Edmonton and surrounding areas. It is very important to Diamond in the Ruff Inc. to continue to provide the most up-to-date, scientifically proven, fear-free methods of training and behavior education. We always enjoy entertaining new suggestions so please feel free to reach out.

Upcoming Seminars | 2021-2022

October 9th –  Recall and Emergency Recall – New AMAZING DITR techniques, with props $60.00
November 13th – Cooperative Care, Stationing, Nail Board $60
December 11th – Loose Leash Walking, games and techniques
January 8th – Puppy Rearing – Life saving tips and tricks
February 12th – Dog Games
March 12th – Raising a calm and HAPPY dog
April 9th – Separation Anxiety
May 14th – Canine Enrichment
June 11th – Desensitization to Scary things
July 9th – Stranger Danger – Human fear/Aggression
August 13th – Dog/Dog Reactivity and Leash Reactivity
September 10th – Problem Solving, Jumping up, Barking, house soiling..etc
October 8th – Multi dog households